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2009, മാർച്ച് 6, വെള്ളിയാഴ്‌ച


വിട്ടു മാറാതൊരു പനി പോലെ

ചൂരല്‍ പ്രഹരത്തെ പ്രണയിച്ചഒരു ഒഴിയാ ബാധ പോലെ

ഓരോ ജല സ്പര്‍ശത്തിലും ഉണര്‍ന്നു വേദനയോര്‍മ്മിപ്പിക്കും ഒരു ഉണങ്ങാ പുണ്ണ് പോലെ


ഏത് സമാധിയിലും

ഏത് പ്രണയ നിര്‍വൃതിയിലും

പേടിപ്പെടുതിക്കൊണ്ട് അതെന്നെ പിന്തുടര്‍നുകൊണ്ടേയിരിക്കുന്നു ------------------------വീട്

2009, മാർച്ച് 4, ബുധനാഴ്‌ച


Wii there be songs in this dark age....?
Yes.. the songs about dark age.........

The saying that the world is in a big crisis is the words of capitalism. Rather we can say that capitalists are in a big crisis. This crisis of capitalism, indeed affect the third world and its people.
This is due to our blind dependance on them. Whole education system has been changed in order to meet the requirments of multi national corporates. Now the students are far away from the basic courses which persue them to know the world we living in, and forced to opt special courses which will lead them to become slaves of MNCs. Privatisation and globelisation had deconstructed the educational structure. The so called left parties are now acting a role of "psudoleft" which compramises all the stands for their temperory existance. In this situation we are in need of a REAL LEFT students federation. This thought yeild us to PSF. State conference of psf was held at kozhikkod on 27&28 feb 2009. 13 memberd state committee has been selected with Lijukumar as secretry and Anoop as president. The committee has decided to coordinate all the scattered left movements and develop a creative revolutionary students culture. Come... and join..... INQILAB ZINDABAD